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Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?

‘Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?’

Season 3, Episode 20 -  Aired April 6, 2016

Adam convinces Coach Mellor to let him be team captain in gym class. He betrays his friends by picking the jocks first, causing the two rivaling squads to battle it out with the game the nerds know best – Dungeons and Dragons! Meanwhile, Erica decides where she wants to go to college but encounters resistance from both Beverly and Murray.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Sorry, guys. I can't stop thinking about gym class. We've been picked last for years. It's bull crap.
Dave Kim: Relax, dude. The athletes rule now, but once we hit high school, our brains and elegance will be valued.
Adam: Really?
Dave Kim: For sure. Until then, back to the orc attack.


Quote from Beverly

Mr. Glascott: Have to admit, I love it when an entire family comes together to discuss a young lady's journey to college. So any first thoughts?
Beverly: Yes, uh [bleep] that [bleep].

Quote from Mr. Glascott

Murray: It is over, 'cause there's no way I'm letting my pumpkin go to this hellhole.
Mr. Glascott: But look at the girl in the pamphlet. She's smiling under a tree with the boy in the wheelchair. Aww, look at him. He's holding a book.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Don't worry. Good news is, I'm climbing the social ladder by stepping on you guys. It'll take a while, and I'll have to be mean to you at first - super-mean - but one day, we'll all be cool. Me first, though.

Quote from Murray

Murray: But the point is, you are going to Goldberg U.
Erica: Wait, so you spent your whole life saying you wanted your kids out of the house, and now you want me to stay forever?
Murray: Yes.
Erica: Well, I didn't apply, and also, this isn't a school.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Murray, I'm usually the irrational one who keeps our children from enjoying their lives, not you.

Quote from Beverly

Pops: Good. Now I can finally hear "Back to School".
Beverly: What is it with you and this movie?
Pops: He's living the dream. I mean, what parent wouldn't want to go back to school with his kid?
Beverly: But a parent can't really do that.
Pops: But he does.
Beverly: He does?

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Look, I wanted to apologize for your dad. Some people just don't understand the boundary between parent and child.
Erica: Are you high on nail polish?
Beverly: I never went to college. This whole thing has made me realize everything I missed out on, and at the end of the day, I couldn't bear it if you missed out on those things, too.
Erica: Really?
Beverly: Trust me, college is gonna be amazing. We are gonna have so much fun.
Erica: Oh, my God. Thank you so- Wait. "We"?
Beverly: Yes. Crazy story. I was watching this movie with Pops, and-
Erica: Please don't say "Back to School".
Beverly: It was "Back to School," and I realized that could be us. Hmm?

Quote from Barry

Barry: What? You got psionic powers and you're attacking with a dagger? What a dork.
Adam: Barry, this is the third time you've walked by. Do you, like, want to join us?
Barry: Let's do this, boys.

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