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Season 2, Episode 10 -  Aired January 7, 2015

After falling boxes trap Murray in the garage, he demands Beverly get rid of everything except for one trunk. When the trunk goes missing, Murray becomes sentimental about what was inside while Erica has trouble parting with her New Kids on the Block memorabilia. Learning of their sister’s former obsession, Adam and Barry tease Erica to a new level resulting in a surprising turn for the brothers

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: It's his little hand preserved for ever.
Murray: He still has a hand! Adam, come down here and show your mother your hand.
Beverly: No, now it's all huge and gangly. Don't you miss those little chubby hands?


Quote from Murray

Murray: That's it. I'm cleaning this whole place out.
Erica: No! Where am I gonna hide my six-pack of ... homework?
Barry: And the magazines I'm holding for a friend.
Murray: Hide it in the woods, like every other kid. All of this crap has got to go!

Quote from Barry

Barry: How?
Adam: Slight of hand. And you thought magic camp was for dorks.
Barry: I still do. But good work.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Joey? If anything, you're a Jordan, 'cause your voice is all high and you're cocky when you shouldn't be.
Adam: Oh yeah? Well you're a Danny!
Barry: Please, I'm Donnie, the bad boy and you know it.

Quote from Barry

Barry: I'm gonna go cut off the sleeves of my jean jacket, and you go gather some jean vests, and that'll really stick it to her.

Quote from Erica

Adam: New Kids third row center?
Erica: Look, I thought we could go. Sure, I'm too old to like them, and you're dudes, but everybody has that band they listen to in secret. So why can't we just go to that concert and own it?

Quote from Pops

Murray: It's too good. Do it again and do it worse.
Pops: Hey, I've got talent, I can't suppress it. In fact, if you don't want my potato family, perhaps the New Yorker will.

Quote from Adam

Erica: It's your potty pal, remember? Mom bought him for you because you thought monsters lived in the toilet.
Adam: They weren't monsters! They were toilet trolls.

Quote from Adam

Barry: You showed that video to all my friends and the girl of my dreams?
Adam: And my girlfriend! I can only take so many hits like that before she comes to her senses and dumps me.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Okay, you're pathetic fish in a barrel. What do you want from me?
Adam: To stop humiliating and belittling us.
Barry: We're just asking for basic human decency. What all men want!
Erica: Ooh, God. I can't do it. I'd like to say yes, but it's impossible.

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