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Quote from Beverly in Weird Science

Beverly: Hold on, Shmoo. There is one thing you forgot. Time to give Mama all the kisses.
Erica: Oh, come on, dude.
Beverly: Really? It's what we've done every first-day of school since kindergarten. Now, give me all the kisses so I can store 'em away for a rainy day like little love-acorns.
Erica: No, I don't even remember how to do it.
Beverly: Easy. Eskimo kiss, butterfly kiss, cheek kiss, cheek kiss, and one last kiss for your palm to ball up and stick in your heart.
Erica: Gotcha. Well I am gonna put this in my bag for later.
Beverly: Don't put my kiss in your dark duffel bag. Take it out and put it in your heart. Stick my kiss in your heart.
Erica: I don't want the kiss, Mom. Okay, okay. Stop. I will take your precious kiss out of the dark bag and put it in my heart. Fake out. It's gone.
Beverly: No! I caught it, and I'm throwing it back to you.
Erica: No, take it back.
Beverly: You take it.
Erica: Take this kiss, Mom.
Beverly: You keep it.
Erica: I'm not going to college with a kiss.
Beverly: You're killing me.
Erica: Quit it.
Beverly: I don't want it!

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