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Quote from Barry in You Only Die Once, or Twice, But Never Three Times

Adam: I'll bite. What are you gonna force us to do? The title is "You Only Die Once or Twice, but Never Three Times"?
Barry: Your parts are highlighted. Brea, you are the femme fatale.
Adam: Why am I wearing a bikini in the Swiss Alps?
Barry: I justify it on page seven. You were born in a Russian genetics lab and you're half polar bear from your father's side.
Dave Kim: I'm Q and Moneypenny?
Barry: So much range. Explosive gadgets and secretarial work.
Adam: And I die in the first scene by being filled with lead then pulled apart by giant magnets?
Barry: It's gruesome, but necessary so I can avenge your idiotic death.
Adam: This is lazy writing.
Barry: I refuse to change a single word.

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