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Quote from Barry in Riptide Waters

Barry: Yes! Your loss is my win. Plus, I've already gotten like 700 signatures.
Mr. Glascott: These aren't real signatures. "Pete Zapaya"?
Barry: He's a romantic Italian gentleman.
Mr. Glascott: "John A. Signature"?
Barry: The entire Signature family is behind me.
Mr. Glascott: "The Real Charles Barkley"? He wouldn't sign his name like that.
Barry: I was surprised, too, but here it is in ink.
Mr. Glascott: I'm not giving up. I'm gonna knock on every door in town until that park is closed.
Barry: Not if I knock on them first. Youthful run! [runs off]
Mr. Glascott: Dang it!

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