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Quote from Barry in The Return of the Formica King

Adult Adam: [v.o.] After my sister rejected me and I rejected her song, the musical was stuck with the biggest reject of all... Barry.
Barry: This was a good decision.
Adam: I guess, man. Just do whatever.
Ms. Cinoman: Okay, dress is up. I need my Tootsie Roll and my Shark-I-Tron!
Dave Kim: It's always been a dream to work together. What am I, again?
Barry: The fool I'm about to lyrically smoke. Drop a beat!
Ms. Cinoman: You know, I had my doubts, but I think that this might work.
Barry: [raps] I'm a Tootsie Roll, my name is Clyde On the playground, I go down the slide I ride the swings and the seesaw With my main man Riggs, but not Murtaugh Something's comin' in the park It's a giant monster robot shark The kids all jump, the sharks attack Riggs jumps on my Tootsie back That's how I roll, Clyde the Tootsie Now all the fly ladies wanna play footsie Rest in peace, Martin Riggs!

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