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Quote from Barry in Bachelor Party

Barry: Time to talk bachelor party, best man. Last night, I taped a movie off Cinemax starring Tom Hanks that forever changed my life. "Bachelor Party."
Dave Kim: My dad said that movie was a raunchy shlockfest that celebrates the lowest form of comedy.
Barry: Your dad knows his stuff. It is brilliant, and I want it to be the blueprint for my zany bachelor party.
Adam: What exactly do you mean by "zany"?
Barry: I'm talking about a giant rager in a hotel suite with sketchy babes, unruly Japanese businessmen, and a beer-guzzling mule that passes out.
Adam: That sounds very adult.
Barry: Exactly! Everyone's saying I'm just a dumb kid who's stupidly getting married. But this party will prove I'm a dumb adult who's stupidly getting married.

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