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Quote from Matt in The Living Room: A 100% True Story

Matt: Why don't you just, like, tell him?
Barry: With words to his face? Are you serious right now?
Matt: Just open your heart and be like, "I love you."
Andy: Now, when you say "I love you," do you really mean not talking to him for a year, but he just knows?
Matt: No! I mean, say the words.
Geoff: Now, when you say "Say the words," do you really mean go up to him with the intent of saying it and then chickening out and screaming, "Stop trying to control my life!"?
Matt: I'm talking about actual words or even a hug.
Naked Rob: Now, when you say "hug," do you really mean rough horseplay that ends with me getting tackled through drywall?
Matt: What is going on in your homes?

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