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Quote from Adam in Bohemian Rap City

Murray: Okay, toy time's over, moron.
Adam: This isn't toy time. It's the "Transformers"/ "Star Wars" crossover event the world's been begging for.
Murray: That's gibberish for "toy time," and you're too old for it. Here's how actual normal adult people have fun.
Adam: It's just a book of postage.
Murray: It's a collection of stamps.
Adam: Ohh, I get it. See, you grew up in olden times when there were no toys. All you had were dolls made out of corn cobs and a stick and a hoop. That's why you're an angry, broken man who thinks stamps are a hobby.
Murray: Learn about stamps or you're grounded, moron.
Adam: Fine. I'll give your tiny, lickable history squares a stupid chance.

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