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Quote from Geoff in Mister Knifey-Hands

Erica: Geoff, I love you. But your dream is beyond embarrassing.
Geoff: I knew you'd be resistant and nasty, which is why I came up with some backups so good you can't possibly say no!
Pops: Terrific! I always enjoy a good presentation!
Geoff: Look, we can be Tim Burton's best movie! "Beetlejuice"! I'm the beetle. You're the juice. "Falcon Crest." Doctor. J. John. Candy. LEGGO my EGGO. Corn. Dog. Or we circle back to Daryl Hall and John Oates! Comments?
Pops: What's happening right now?
Erica: Good question, Pops.
Geoff: Trust me, this will make sense if you just wear the cough drops.

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