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Quote from Murray in Girl Talk

Marvin: That's it! I refuse to work for someone who thinks so little of me!
Murray: Great. Then don't come in tomorrow.
Marvin: Are you firing me?
Murray: No, you just quit.
Marvin: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm just refusing to work.
Pops: That is quitting.
Marvin: Which I didn't do!
Murray: Then fine. You're fired.
Marvin: No, no, you can't fire me. I already quit.
Murray: Too late. I fired you first.
Marvin: Okay, so rehire me so I can quit.
Murray: You're rehired. Go ahead and quit.
Marvin: I'm staying.
Murray: Then you're fired.
Marvin: You would fire your own brother? I quit!
Pops: He means well.

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