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Quote from Murray in Jackie Likes Star Trek

Murray: Lesson two, the smile and echo. Whenever your girl is jabbering on, you smile at her and then you echo the last thing she says to you.
Adam: That can't possibly work.
Murray: Bevy, what was that thing you wanted me to do with the thing?!
Beverly: You mean shopping for towels?
Murray: Yeah, shopping for towels.
Beverly: Don't you worry. I just picked up this adorable set from the clearance bin.
Beverly: Don't you love them?
Murray: I love them!
Beverly: And I love you. In fact, I'm gonna go make you that butterscotch pudding you like so much.
Murray: See? I like getting along.
Adam: I gotta take some notes.
Murray: No, no! There can't be a paper trail.

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