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Quote from Adam in Han Ukkah Solo

Adam: After I watched that Star Wars special, I've been re-evaluating all the things I loved as a child.
Pops: Don't do that.
Adam: All the movies I worship have come into question.
Pops: Don't do that.
Adam: Short Circuit 2, Time Bandits, and don't even get me started on Jaws 4: The Revenge.
Pops: Stop right there. I know you love that movie.
Adam: Until now! Why would a shark swim from New England to The Bahamas to eat a lady whose husband killed his shark friend?
Pops: Sharks have feelings, too.
Adam: "This time, it's personal." How's that possible? It's a fish! Fish don't hold grudges.
Pops: Oh, so now you're a shark expert.

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