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Quote from Erica in The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance

Erica: And if you still say no, I'll go above your shiny head to the PTA. No, the school board. No, the secretary of education. So, what do you and your coffee-stained tie have to say to that?
Principal Ball: A month's detention.
Erica: What? That's not how this is supposed to work!
Principal Ball: The thing is, I'm an adult, and the way you're speaking to me is completely unacceptable.
Erica: But I'm a Goldberg. This is what we do.
Principal Ball: And fortunately for both of us, you're not your mother [chuckling] and she's not here right now. [seeing Beverly on the other side of the door] But I think we could compromise on something besides a dirty dance.
Erica: A compromise, huh?
Principal Ball: Okay, door's always open, but no more steamrolling me. I want your respect.
Erica: Uh, I'm not following.
Principal Ball: [sighs] Thank goodness that's over.

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