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Quote from Murray in The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance

Murray: Hoo-hoo! That was a close one, huh?
Pops: You mean, how you almost gave your wife the one thing she's desperately wanted for the last 25 years? The nerve of some people.
Murray: See? You get it. Why doesn't she?
Pops: Murray, it's important to her. It's just dancing. What's the big deal?
Murray: For one thing, I literally have never danced a day in my life. And based upon my current energy level, not gonna start soon.
Pops: Oh, stop. Everyone's danced at some point.
Murray: Yeahhhh, not me.
Pops: You've never been in the shower and hummed a few bars?
Murray: I'm all business in the shower. Soap, rinse, out.
Pops: You've never once been driving, and Miami Sound Machine comes on and you tap your finger on the wheel?
Murray: Tap my finger? Who am I, Gregory Hines?
Pops: Are you trying to say that even as a little boy, you never once clapped your hands to the radio?
Murray: My dad traded it for a bucket. That's how I got my birthday bucket.

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