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Quote from Beverly in Family Takes Care of Beverly

Barry: Dude! You just, like, saved my life! Thank you.
Beverly: You don't have to thank me. It's my job! But according to Bushido code, you will have to re-pay me.
Barry: You know about Bushido code?
Beverly: Oh, I watched Shogun. That Richard Chamberlain - Meow.
Barry: Fine. What'd you want?
Beverly: I want snuggies.
Barry: Oh, come on!
Beverly: I want huggies, and cuddlies and smoochies.
Barry: No!
Beverly: I want 'em.
Barry: No!
Beverly: I want 'em.
Barry: I chose the warrior death instead. Put the taco back in my mouth!
Beverly: Bushido code! You have no honor.

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