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Quote from Murray in The Return of the Formica King

Vic: Good morning, sunshine. I bought you a Boston cream, extra cream.
Murray: [groans]
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Meaning, "I've already had four." And after a long day of sitting, selling furniture, and hanging with Vic, it was closing time.
Vic: Have a blessed evening, Mur.
Murray: [groans]
Adult Adam: [v.o.] That one was just a groan. Yep, for my dad, work wasn't the best. At least he joyfully returned home to his family.
Murray: Home. Nobody bother me.
Beverly: We're all on the same page, sweetie, so go relax. The TV's all yours.
Murray: Damn right.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] And the final groan could only mean one thing... "At least I have you, TV."

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