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Quote from Murray in The Living Room: A 100% True Story

Murray: Just go easy on me. Clearly, I'm not in perfect shape like you.
Coach Mellor: Oh. Well, I wouldn't say "perfect." Elite, maybe.
Murray: Are you kidding? They ought to put up a statue of you in the town square.
Coach Mellor: Well, I'm not a vain man, but if a statue of me inspired the town to physical fitness, I wouldn't object.
Murray: Hey, what do you say we stop off at the buffet at the Ritz in Center City and map out a game-plan?
Coach Mellor: That's the fanciest breakfast in town. They put parsley on every plate, even the ones that don't need it.
Murray: Your body's a fine-tuned machine, Coach. You need to feed it the best triple-stack waffles and buttermilk biscuits in town.
Coach Mellor: Well, I do allow myself a cheat day once a decade, and that day's arrived!
Murray: Go warm up the car.
Coach Mellor: You got it. Today, we feast!

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