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Quote from Beverly in The Living Room: A 100% True Story

Beverly: You think an umbrella stand made of pure antique brass is $50? No. Try $2,000. This commode is one-of-a-kind. I'll take no less than $6,802. This Victorian-style chandelier needs all-new wiring and bulbs and is $42,000 American. Chippendale-style slant front desk. It has my son Barry's name carved in it, which makes it $100,000 exactly. Semi-authentic Cherry Blossom privacy screen. I think 1.2 is fair, but I don't want to seem unrealistic, so 1.1. This golden red velvet couch is the aria of my personal furniture opera. I'll accept no less than $6.5 million. This is priceless.
Auctioneer: The display of dead owls is priceless?
Beverly: See, I bought them on my honeymoon in London, and you can't just bring things like this back into our country for disease-control reasons, so when I was at customs, I pretended to be a science teacher in need of them for my students.
Auctioneer: That can't possibly be true.
Beverly: That story is 100% real. Which is why this item is so special, one cannot put a monetary value on it.
Auctioneer: Let me take a stab. 60 bucks?
Beverly: I hear you, and I'm willing to go down to $40,000.

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