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Quote from Murray in The Living Room: A 100% True Story

Beverly: Time to shake it, Mustang Murray!
Adult Adam: [v.o.] And so my dad put his plan into action.
Murray: Go easy on me, because I'm not in perfect shape like you are.
Beverly: Me? [laughing] Oh, stop it.
Murray: Maybe it's just your beautiful new haircut?
Beverly: I didn't think you noticed.
Murray: How could I not? It looks like you're wearing a golden crown, which makes sense because you're my queen.
Beverly: And you are my big, grumbly king.
Murray: How about we head downtown to Bookbinders for a delicious lobster dinner?
Beverly: Well, I better get outta this spandex and put on my sparkliest sweater.
Murray: [to Barry] And that is how you never move your body.
Barry: You're not a very good life partner.
Murray: Thank you.

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