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Quote from Murray in Girl Talk

Marvin: We have an opportunity here to make the biggest, most expensive furniture commercial ever, okay? I'm talking about explosions, car chases, furniture girls.
Murray: There's no such thing as furniture girls.
Adam: Uncle Marvin's right. We should probably go big.
Marvin: So big!
Adam: And loud!
Marvin: And sexy!
Murray: Go away!
Adam: Ooh! We can set it in space!
Marvin: Spaaaace.
Murray: No space!
Adam: And animals. We need animals. The deadlier the better.
Marvin: Yes, people respond to fear.
Murray: Not furniture buyers.
Adam: And we need epic stunts. How many sleeper sofas can you jump in a monster truck?
Marvin: Well, if we load it up with rocket fuel, an infinite amount!
Murray: When you're done, we'll do it my way. Knock yourselves out.

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