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Quote from Erica in One Exquisite Evening with Madonna

Plumber: You got black mold.
Geoff: Oh, no! The silent killer of the microfungus world. How did this happen?
Plumber: Heavy moisture in there. Like maybe you guys are leaving a lot of wet towels lying on the floor?
Geoff: I don't want to name any names, but, yes, someone in this couple habitually offends in the way you mentioned.
Erica: Are you sure that it's black mold? Because the stuff that I was seeing in there looked more doody brown, like your uniform.
Geoff: You saw it and didn't speak up? Erica, anything odd in here, you have to speak up.
Erica: I shared a bathroom with Barry most of my life, so odd stuff is kind of the norm.

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