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Quote from Geoff in School-ercise

Geoff: There's my bro!
Barry: There's my bro!
Geoff: Isn't it so cool now that I'm married to your sister, when I call you "bro," it's, like, a fact?
Barry: Totally! I used to toss around "bro" like it meant nothing. Like when someone gets mad at you for cutting them off in traffic, "Enh! The hell, bro?"
Geoff: Or like when it's a guy you kinda know, even slept at his house once as a kid, but you can't remember if his name is Greg or Craig? "Hey, bro!"
Barry: No more. I hereby declare "bro" a sacred term reserved for our special brotherhood.
Geoff: And I will always honor that, bro. Unless I run into Greg/Craig. His dad lent me boxers to sleep in once. I remember his name was Dwayne.
Barry: I'd love to keep bro'ing it up, but I got a thing.
Geoff: I got a thing, too, bro! Bro you later?
Barry: Later, bro.

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