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Quote from Beverly in Hip-Shaking and Booty-Quaking

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Yep, my mom had a bad case of Fame fever.
Beverly: [drumming] Look at me. [glasses dinging]
Geoff: Fun stuff, Mrs. G. But why exactly are you drumming on my glass of Tang?
Adam: She's trying to re-create the magical, rhythmic energy of the "Hot Lunch Jam" number from Fame.
Barry: Stop Fame-ing us during dinner. Those were high school kids. You're like 100! It's embarrassing.
Adam: Don't resist. We all know this rat-a-tatting is gonna end in some family hip-shaking and booty-quaking.
Joanne: This reads as super crazy to me, but do your thing.
Beverly: Unh! There you go, Geoffrey. Feel the throbbing pulsations with your future mother-in-law.
Erica: Geoff, don't you dare let the beat in.
Geoff: It's too late. Beat's knocking. Sorry, babe. Geoffy's gotta open the door!
Beverly: Whoo!
Barry: Gah! I truly hate this, but the sound is incomplete without my beatboxing. [beatboxing]
Adam: Joanne? Any interest in making sweet, sweet music with us?
Joanne: Uh, the wording is questionable, but I make a habit of never saying no to anything.
Beverly: Uh-oh! Look what I found carelessly placed in front of Erica!
Erica: No, it's not going to happen. I feel nothing. It doesn't work on me.
Beverly: Come on.
Erica: Fine.
Beverly: Ooh! Whoo! [beat music plays] Unh-unh! Bring it on down. [Geoff humming] Whoo, yeah! Come on, Adam. Get on Mama's shoulders. It's time to take this to the street.
Adam: The power of the rhythm makes me believe that's a good idea.
Beverly: Hot Lunch!

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