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Quote from Barry in Tennis People

Barry: Hey. [knocks] Still playing with those Cabbage Trash Friends?
Adam: Garbage Pail Kids. They're the only thing in my life that's still in mint condition.
Barry: Tell Barry your woes.
Adam: You were right. Brea and I won't be able to make it work next year. Come fall, she'll be doing body shots off lacrosse bros.
Barry: Ah, don't be stupid. They'll be doing shots off of her.
Adam: Oh! Not helping! I wish she'd just let me follow her.
Barry: [scoffs] And not go to NYU? You can't do that.
Adam: I know. But if I go, I'll lose her.
Barry: Maybe. Maybe not. You know, long distance is hard, but that doesn't mean it can't work.
Adam: I wish I just knew for sure.
Barry: There's only one thing certain here, you can't get in the way of each other's dreams. Okay?
Adam: Thanks, Barry. I know what I need to do.

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