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Quote from Erica in I Heart Video Dating

John Calabasas: Excuse me, ladies. How would you like to meet the man of your dreams?
Lainey: Ew.
Erica: You're really old.
John Calabasas: Ouch. [chuckles] But, no, I'm talking about the romantic wave of the future Video dating. It's a real business. Using our advanced VHS technology and a one-time fee of $399, followed by lifetime monthly fees of only $19.99, anyone can now find love. So, which of you lonely hearts is looking for Mr.
Lainey: Well, I'm not, but [clears throat]
Erica: I am not a sad-sack loser. I choose to be alone, and it's the best.
John Calabasas: It is the best, isn't it? [chuckles] Well, that's too bad because for a limited time, anyone that joins the VD community gets a free tote bag for just $12.99.
Erica: I am not carrying around a bag that says, "I heart VD." My God.

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