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Quote from Adam in An Itch Like No Other

Adam: What are you doing?
Barry: Studying my nemesis. Leaves.
Adam: Well, as always... What?
Barry: For future emergencies, I need to be able to tell which are poisonous and which are not. You see, poison ivy is, uh... Dammit! You distracted me!
Adam: Don't worry, I can tell. Just scoop them up and hand them to me. Come on, not like that. You got to mix 'em up first. Really shuffle 'em good.
Barry: That makes sense.
Adam: Uhp, you got something on your face. [rubs face]
Barry: Is it off?
Adam: Nope, other side.
Barry: [rubs other side] How 'bout now?
Adam: That's perfect, my man. [chuckles] I'll go get the ointment.
Barry: Damn it!

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