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Quote from Mr. Glascott in Riptide Waters

Mr. Glascott: Well, your "beloved institution" is the reason I tore my rotator cuff.
Barry: How'd you do it? Were you running against the lifeguard's orders?
Mr. Glascott: I was merely riding my favorite slide, the Atomic Tsunami.
Barry: The Atomic Tsunami rules.
Mr. Glascott: I hit a dry spot in the Funnel Tunnel and found myself stuck backwards in complete darkness. A mere ribbon of light to let me know that I was still of this earth.
Adam: I couldn't figure out the handle on a porta-potty once, so I feel ya.
Mr. Glascott: First person to crash into me was a boy named Oliver. We had a moment to introduce ourselves. Then came the others.
Adam: Dear God.
Mr. Glascott: That's what I said, over and over again, as teen after slippery teen slammed into my contorted body.
Barry: So how did you get out and end up here whining about it?
Mr. Glascott: Finally, the pressure became too much and we exploded down Wizard's Wash. Alone and terrified, I also realized that I swallowed a tremendous amount of water and Band-Aids.

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