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Quote from Mr. Glascott in Riptide Waters

Adam: Mr. Glascott, you have a minute?
Mr. Glascott: Uh, sure. Let me just put these away. [grunting] Ow! King of kings! My buttocks.
Adam: I know about your shoulder, but what happened to your...
Mr. Glascott: Delicate rump? It's a delayed injury from the water slide. I woke up this a.m. with a purpled haunch.
Adam: I'm just gonna start. I need to juice up my high school resume if I'm gonna get into NYU.
Mr. Glascott: Getting involved in a cause or a charity always looks good. And right now, there's a lone, broken man fighting the good fight, and he sure could use some help collecting signatures.
Adam: That's a great idea. I'll help Barry save the water park.
Mr. Glascott: I'm talking about me.
Adam: But Barry's on the side of an adored local business. You're like the mean, old developer trying to close down the community center.
Mr. Glascott: Developer? I can't even afford two pieces of bread. Every sandwich I make is open-faced. I say it's bruschetta, but it is not.
Adam: Have you considered folding the bread?
Mr. Glascott: Just go do your thing! Aw, my fundament.

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