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Quote from Barry in Mini Murray

Murray:You're fired.
Barry: What? Why?
Murray: It's not working out.
Barry: Yes, it is. It's working out awesome. You just can't randomly fire me. I mean, you have to have cause.
Murray: Okay. It's 'cause you're a moron.
Barry: No. This is not happening. In fact, I fire you. That's right, you're fired.
Murray: (to the customers) You don't have to go.
Barry: No. No, no, no. You guys leave and come to my store instead.
Murray: He doesn't have a store.
Barry: Oh, yes, I do have a store. I'm opening one right across the street.
Murray: He's not opening across the street.
Barry: I just did!
Murray: No, you didn't.
Barry: And Ron Jaworski's really gonna go there.
Murray: You don't know Ron Jaworski.
Barry: And people are gonna treat each other nicely. It's gonna be a friendly working environment! Who's coming with me, huh? You! Vic, I'm doubling your salary. You work for me now.
Vic: Wait, for real?
Barry: For real, for real.
Murray: No, he's not going with you.
Barry: Toodle-oo!
Vic: His store sounds nice.
Murray: His store isn't real!

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