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Quote from Barry in The Proposal

Adam: Brea, romcoms are all around us. Like these two. First, they're high school sweethearts. Then, they hilariously split... almost forever. Now, they're so in love, they barely even know we're here. Romcom.
Brea: Romcoms are just silly stories with misunderstandings that could easily be explained by one character saying one sentence.
Adam: Which is awesome. Like, in this one, Julia Roberts fills a guy's car with fish 'cause she thinks he's cheating. But really, he's just hanging with his sister.
Brea: I know Mystic Pizza.
Barry: [enters] We're ordering Mister Pizza? Yes!
Murray: Who said we're ordering pizza?
Barry: Brea. And I want a New York thin crust on top of a Chicago deep dish. Let those cities fight it out in my mouth.
Adam: See? Wildly idiotic misunderstandings in romcoms happen in real life, too.
Brea: Why don't we just watch "Meatballs"?
Barry: Meatballs! Now you're talkin'. I want six private balls.
Murray: You don't eat meatballs on their own! You need spaghetti or Chinese food!

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