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Quote from Murray in Couple Off

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Was I an out-of-touch, spoiled-rotten kid? Only one way to find out... by testing the limits of my cheapest family member.
Adam: Dad, can I have a brand-new car?
Murray: Sure. Whatever.
Adam: Wait. Are there really no limits to what you'll give me?
Murray: Sure. Whatever.
Adam: Whatever I want? Like a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that talks like KITT in Knight Rider?
Murray: Sure.
Adam: What about a Miami Vice speedboat?
Murray: Whatever.
Adam: What about a to-scale exact replica of Optimus Prime's blue and red semi-truck?
Murray: What? Get away from me! I'm trying to watch The Weather Channel, and I missed the dew point!
Adam: Oh, I'm not wildly spoiled. You're just a horrible, disengaged parent. Thanks for everything you are, Dad.
Murray: Sure, whatever.

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