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Quote from Beverly in Quaker Warden

Adult Adam: [v.o.] While our dad was being conquered, my senior year was about to be invaded by another hostile force.
Beverly: Good morning, class. My name is Mrs. Goldberg. And while Mrs. Ferguson is at home nursing her new baby... and I saw a picture, he's a chunker... you all will be nursing at my bosom of knowledge.
Brian: You have Corbett's attention!
Beverly: Great. So, where did Mrs. Ferguson leave off?
Dave Kim: We were watching the last 20 minutes of Splash.
Beverly: Why would she show you a mermaid movie?
Adam: Mom, it's senior year. Nothing we do affects getting into college anymore. It's classic senioritis.
Beverly: Senioritis? I want to infect you with a new disease called learn-a-rhea.
JC Spink: Learn-a-rhea? My brother got that on spring break. It was no bueno.
Sydney: And senioritis is a high school tradition, just like Senior Skip Day this Tuesday.
Beverly: Senior Skip Day? Oh, hell, no!

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