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Season 5, Episode 17 -  Aired March 28, 2018

Beverly and Barry's friend groups start a turf war over control of the backyard. Meanwhile, Adam's tries to show Murray how much musical theater means to him.

Quote from Beverly

Barry: What am I looking at right now?
Beverly: It's a gazebo. And that's French for "Eat [bleep]." [laughs]


Quote from Adam

Adam: And you know what's even better? When you go to "Joseph" and I teach you about what I love.
Murray: WazdaJoseph?
Adam: We just learned something incredible. I tried your thing, which I thought I would hate, but I loved it!
Murray: That's true.
Adam: Think about it like this. How did you feel when Dave Brown was sent to the box for cross- checking when we already had the power play?
Murray: I was on the edge of my seat.
Adam: And that's how you'll feel when Potifar unfairly jails Joseph.
Murray: I can't believe that analogy completely makes sense to me.
Adam: 'Cause I love hockey. We can communicate now. See how important this is? Okay! I'll go see the thing. To the theater!
Murray: I'm gonna give you a hug!
Adam: I'm gonna let ya.

Quote from Matt

Barry: Okay, JTP. Today, we face a rival gang the likes of which we've never seen. They're crafty, they're pushy, they're old. What do we do?
Andy: I got it! Moms love laundry, right? So we bring in a basket of clothes and have them fight over who gets to fold it.
Geoff: Or we tell them the floor's dirty, watch them scrap over who gets to mop it to a brilliant shine.
Barry: Or we say only one of them has the privilege of making us an afternoon snack, and then we watch them fight.
Matt: Um, guys? Your plan is predicated on the idea that these moms love cooking and cleaning, and I don't think they do.
Barry: Buzzkill Bradley strikes again.
Geoff: What does "predicated" even mean?

Quote from Beverly

Virginia Kremp: I am so glad that you finally stood up for yourself, Beverly.
Beverly: Oh, well, that's all thanks to you guys.
Essie Karp: No, you deserve the credit for putting that bratty little jerk in his place.
Beverly: Whoa! Okay. Let's not go crazy.
Virginia Kremp: Essie's right Barry can act like a bit of a poop head sometimes.
Beverly: My child's head is not made of poop, Ginzy. I mean, do you ever hear me call your son a dirty man-tramp? 'Cause he so is one.

Quote from Matt

Barry: Doesn't feel so good to win a turf war. Colors. [quietly] Colors.
Matt: It's really nothing like it.

Quote from Murray

Adam: Dad, wait. You got her to do "Joseph"? But you didn't even like it.
Murray: For sure. But you finally got me to see how much it means to you.
Adam: I did? How?
Murray: I guess now we're speaking the same language.
Adam: I, uh I'm gonna hug you now.
Murray: Again? We already hugged twice this week.
Adam: Well, now it's a hat trick.

Quote from Barry

Beverly: Wow. Hi. I can't believe you all came back.
Virginia Kremp: Well, Barry made us realize that nothing comes between friends.
Beverly: I thought you said they were a bad influence.
Barry: And that's why they're great for you.

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