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Baio and Switch

‘Baio and Switch’

Season 3, Episode 12 -  Aired January 13, 2016

Beverly decides to volunteer for Hands Across America in an attempt to get closer with Barry and Erica. She gets them to spoil her with affection after she promises an appearance from Scott Baio, but the plan fails. Meanwhile, Adam gets himself into a sticky situation when he promises to take his best friend and his girlfriend, Dana, to the school dance.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: Smile, smile. Teeth, teeth.
Adam: I'd like to, but they're crushing my bones with their strong lady hands.
Dave Kim: Mine, too. I'm just a pawn.


Quote from Murray

Murray: You know what I think?
Adam: Yes, I'm a moron. I get it.
Murray: No, I don't think you do. When I say don't be a moron, it really means something.
Adam: You mean beyond just being rude and insulting?
Murray: Yeah, that's just part of it. But, it's my way of saying be honest, be a good person. It's how I live my life. And you know what, it works.

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