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A Wrestler Named Goldberg

‘A Wrestler Named Goldberg’

Season 1, Episode 22 -  Aired May 6, 2014

When Barry is offered a place on the varsity wrestling team, Murray and Pops know that safety-crazed Beverly would never let her snuggle monster take part. With their help, Barry lies to his mother about joining the school play. Meanwhile, Adam is excited by the upcoming premiere of Star Wars Return of the Jedi, but he needs somebody to camp out in line with him. Adam blackmails Erica with an embarrassing video from her days as Star Wars fan. When Erica leaves the lines to hang out with her friends, Adam's hopes of seeing the premiere are dashed.

Quote from Murray

Murray: All right, Bevy, no one loves a tragic parenting tale more than you. Did you ever hear the one about Beverly Goldberg's son? He got utterly dominated by her in front of the whole school and was made a laughingstock.


Quote from Murray

Murray: There is a way to make people forget the terrible things they saw today, and that's for you to go out and pulverize this kid and show him why your catchphrase is "welcome to the mat!" Or something better that you think of on your way out there.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I've always wanted to be a wrestling mom!

Quote from Barry

Barry: You know it, girl! I'm tough, but gentle, and we're gonna ride a horse into the sun.

Quote from Beverly

Murray: Barry was just kidding. Tell her what you're really doing.
Barry: I'm in a play.
Beverly: Are you kidding me? Snuggle monster, I'm so happy!

Quote from Pops

Murray: Again, it's not that kind of wrestling.
Barry: I know, it's not that type of wrestling. I get it. But those are the only moves I perfected on my bed jumping around.
Pops: It's true. I've seen him. He's quite a jumper, this one.

Quote from Pops

Murray: I taught him that move! He learned that from me!
Pops: More or less.

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