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A Fish Story

‘A Fish Story’

Season 7, Episode 17 - Aired March 18, 2020

Beverly wants Murray and Adam to spend some father-son time together camping, like the Kremps. Meanwhile, Geoff encourages Erica to get back on the music scene by joining an a cappella group.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: What's all this?
Murray: Oh! Uh, we're making your dream come true. We're camping.
Adam: It's true, Mama. Everything's better now.
Murray: Oh! My good shin! I'll never be able to run again, you moron!
Adam: I don't really think that's gonna be a problem for you.
Beverly: I see nothing's changed, so enjoy your miserable night together.


Quote from Murray

Murray: Why are we like this?
Adam: Maybe 'cause we don't have much in common.
Murray: Except our hatred of camping.
Adam: For sure. Except this isn't that bad. I mean, it's kinda cozy, and the air is crisp. And look at all those stars.
Murray: Yeah, they're up there. And kind of beautiful. You know, maybe we should try a real fishing trip someday.
Adam: I would hate that.
Murray: Me too. [chuckles]

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: What are you doing?
Erica: Doing what I should have been doing this whole time, studying.
Geoff: Erica, you can't just turn your back on music.
Erica: It's all or nothing with me. And I just can't do it unless it's perfect.
Geoff: I know. But let me show you something. Before you wanted to become a rock star, you just loved music.
Erica: That little girl doesn't exist anymore.
Geoff: Well, she should. You should leave a space for this joy in your life.
Erica: Geoff, why are you doing this? Why do you care so much?
Geoff: Because I'm your biggest fan. Not just of your music, but of you.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Ah, the enchanting Lisa Levine. Funny seeing you here.
Lisa: In the rehearsal room I come to every day?
Barry: Great news. I've prepared a song that will capture your heart, your soul, and the part of the brain that denies what's happening between us.
Lisa: Please don't.
High-pitched singing: Ave Maria
Lisa: That was divine. But it was clearly that guy.
Barry: Damn it, Andy! I told you to stay in the box!
Andy: There was no box!
Matt: You talked about a box.
Naked Rob: You never got a box.
Barry: [sighs] So, are we doing this?
Lisa: I have 10 boyfriends.
Barry: That is gross. You're gross.

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