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12 Tapes for a Penny

‘12 Tapes for a Penny’

Season 3, Episode 18 -  Aired March 16, 2016

Adam learns about a mail-order music club and sets up a scheme to get as many tapes as possible, but Beverly believes Erica is behind it all. Meanwhile, Barry works on getting the approval of Bill, Lainey’s father, but he refuses to budge.

Quote from Adam

Adam: I don't know, man. There's, like, a bunch of legal stuff here.
Dave Kim: Dave Kim doesn't read the fine print. He lives in the moment. Tapes!


Quote from Adam

Adam: Not anymore, Erica. Face it. Now I'm a certified badass.
Beverly: Schmoopie. "Muppet babies" is on.
Adam: Yippee.

Quote from Adam

Erica: Me?!
Beverly: Yes, you. Who else would it be?
Erica: Kermit D. Fonz? That's got Adam written all over it.
Beverly: You expect me to believe that Adam did this?
Erica: Yes.
Beverly: Adam?
Erica: Adam.
Beverly: My delicious little snuggle monster?
Erica: Yes, Adam.
Beverly: Adam?
Erica: He's guilty. Tell her you're guilty.
Adam: Why does she say these things, Mama? I'm just a little boy.
Beverly: See? He has an alibi. He's a little boy.

Quote from Beverly

Erica: Why do you always blame me for everything? Just open the box and look at the tapes, and you'll see it wasn't me.
Beverly: Weird Al, "The Songs Of 'Fraggle Rock", "The Best Of Andrew Lloyd Webber", and, finally, "101 Farts, Volume 2". Hope it was worth it, Erica. You're grounded for a month. No phone, no crimper.
Erica: A month with smooth hair? Are you crazy? Tell her!

Quote from Barry

Barry: Gentlemen! Thought you might like to load up on some meat and cheese before an active day in the hot sun. You're a fan, right, Bill?
Bill Lewis: Of Geno's cheesesteaks. You bought Pat's. Why not just punch me in the face?
Barry: Aren't they directly across the street from each other with the exact same ingredients?
Bill Lewis: Go on punch my face. Do it.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Wow, you really have failed as a mother.
Beverly: Hey. I'm the only one allowed to say that.
Adam: Well, it's true. You punished Erica for something I did, almost turning her to a life a crime. If that ain't failing, I don't know what is.

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