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Quote from Geoffrey in Def Poet's Society

Geoffrey: Master William, I applaud your new interest. Poetry is one of my great loves. I won first prize at the old Devonshire poetry recital of 1963. Master William, you should have been there. The crowd rose to its feet shouting, "Encore! Encore!"
Will: That's interesting.
Geoffrey: "Cannon to the right of them Cannon to the left of them Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thundered"
Jazz: You need a last line for that?


Quote from Will in Eyes on the Prize

Vivian: Well, I just called the repairman from the car phone. They can't come out until tomorrow.
Hilary: No phone service for 24 hours? This is a nightmare. I mean, it's like we've vanished off the face of the earth!
Philip: Don't be so dramatic, Hilary.
Will: Hey, she's not being dramatic. Jimmie Walker's phone went out for 24 hours in the late 70s and, hey, well, y'all know the rest.

Quote from Will in The Baby Comes Out

Will: Uh, false alarm, Uncle Phil. It's for me, it's Carla.
Philip: 4-0-2-4-3-6, that's no phone number.
Will: No, no, no, Uncle Phil, that's 40, 24, 36. Boom, bang, ka-boom!

Quote from Philip in Slum Like It... Not!

Philip: You've been working night and day. Come on, you've done your best.
Will: Yeah, I did my best and look what happened. [scoffs] I don't even know why Lisa wants to marry me.
Philip: Well, you got me there.
Will: You used to be a lot better at these little talks, Uncle Phil. I'm scared, man. I mean, what if I never get my life together?
Philip: You know, Will, I really did not wanna have to go here, but you're just gonna make me do it, huh?
Will: Hey, man, don't you think I'm a little old for a spanking?
Philip: You know, of all the kids, you give me the most grief. But you know what? You are the one that I never worry about.
Will: You mean that, Uncle Phil?
Philip: Yeah. Just don't tell anybody.
Will: Hey, wait, wait. Hey, man, I've got to tell Carlton. Look, I can catch him. Can I tell Carlton?
Philip: No, come on. Just let's go.

Quote from Geoffrey in Clubba Hubba

Geoffrey: Allow me, sir.
Philip: Certainly, Geoffrey, if you think you can do any better.
Geoffrey: Mademoiselle. [kneels down] My life was but a mere whisper until you entered into it. Whether it was chance or blind fate or kismet, if you will, that brought us together, I would be remiss to let this moment pass without telling you how deeply you have affected the very core of my being.
Will: Ooh, baby!