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Quote from Philip in Will Gets a Job

Philip: I don't get it, Will. Why the job?
Will: I just wanted to pay for the homecoming myself.
Philip: But I gave you a check.
Will: I tore it up.
Philip: Why?
Will: 'Cause you were right, Uncle Phil. Man, I'm getting soft. I'm a man, and a man should be able to stand on his own two feet make his own way, like you did. I mean, a man does it for himself. I mean, it's a hard road to travel, but after you travel it and you look back on what you accomplished, you can say, "l did that. I'm a man."
Philip: That's the biggest load of bull I've heard since I left the farm. Nobody does anything without help, Will. People opened doors for me, and I've worked hard to open doors for you. It doesn't make you any less of a man to walk through them.


Quote from Philip in Best Laid Plans

Philip: I can't imagine what kind of excuse you could come up with. Do you have anything to say in your own defense?
Will: Nothing. It's shameful, Uncle Phil. I mean, here you are busting your hump trying to impart values and teach basic human decency and I turn around and do some mess like this.
Philip: I just don't get it, Will. I mean what is going on in that head of yours?
Will: I don't know, Uncle Phil. I'm out of control. Please stop me before I disobey again.
Philip: Don't you ever stop to think before you do these disgusting things?
Will: Of course, I do, Uncle Phil. Do you think I like being the way I am? I'm a victim. I'm a victim of my imagination. Help me.
Philip: Well all right, since you put it that way. I'm not going to punish you, Will.
Will: You know, that's radical, Uncle Phil, but it just might work.
Philip: I'm not going to punish you today, maybe not even tomorrow. You see, I need to think a long, long time about just what I'm going to do with you. I don't know, it might come to me in the middle of the night or maybe next week, or a few years from now. In the meantime, why don't you worry about it? Be afraid, Will. Be very afraid. [laughs maniacally]
[sometime later:]
Philip: [reading a book of Medieval Tortures] I've got it. Will!

Quote from Jazz in You Bet Your Life

Will: I mean, Jazz, we was right for leaving Carlton, right?
Jazz: Absolutely.
Will: I mean, I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. And there ain't no way that I should miss out on it just cause he got the hots for the slots.
Jazz: You on a roll with a side of slaw.
Will: I mean, what? He expect us to babysit him while he have a nervous breakdown? He's so selfish, man.
Jazz: That boy put the "E" in ignorant.

Quote from Will in Geoffrey Cleans Up

Will: Whoa, is that G or Blind Lemon Pledge? G, can't let this honey and her money do this to you, man.
Geoffrey: It's much more complicated than that, Master William. Master William, have you ever had somebody come into your life and suddenly it's as if a door opens and everything goes from drab black and white to glorious color. And then just as suddenly, she's gone. The door slams in your face, and you're left standing alone in the dark. That's how I feel without Karen.
Will: Man, G. That's the saddest thing I ever heard.
[Will puts on the shades and starts playing the harmonica]
Will: [sings] My butler is black My butler is blue 'Cause his honey got green Comin' out her wazoo

Quote from Will in For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

Will: Jazz, I'm real sorry about you and Hortense but trust me, I know my woman. Better than I know the back of my own hand. What the hell is that?

Quote from Carlton in Get a Job

Carlton: Well, you're mad at me for stealing your job?
Will: You're doggone, right. You shouldn't have done that. You knew how much I wanted this job.
Carlton: And you demonstrated that by ditching your responsibility, Jasmine. Who may not be a looker, but is quite an entertaining gal.
Will: Look, fine. Be that as it may, it does not change what you did and what you always do to me. Man, you are just so selfish. You got everything, but still on top of that you gotta take everything that everybody else has. Always about you. Carlton. Carlton. Carlton.
Carlton: Oh, yeah, well, you know what your problem is?
Will: No, I don't.
Carlton: You're a slacker. You say you want things but you're never willing to work for it. You never make the sacrifice. You think you're just gonna charm your way through. Just like your father.
Will: Let me tell you something. I am nothing like my father, all right?