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The Philadelphia Story

‘The Philadelphia Story’

Season 4, Episode 26 -  Aired May 23, 1994

When Will and the Banks family stay with Vy (Vernee Watson) in Philadelphia, Will realizes his reputation has taken a hit since he left.

Quote from Will

Will: Let me tell you something, man. You have kicked me off of this court for the last time.
Omar: I don't remember kicking you off the first time.
Will: You really don't remember me, huh?
Omar: No.
Will: Okay, okay, okay. Hey, can I see that ball, brother? How about a little hint? [bounces ball of Omar's head]
Omar: Oh, I remember you. But, hey, man, I'm not like that anymore.
Will: Oh, really. You look like the same bald-headed punk to me.
Omar: Oh, yeah, I remember you. You're the chicken sandwich guy. [all laugh]
Will: I am not a chicken! My mama made me move, man. My mama made me move. I would never leave Philly! I love it here.
Omar: So do I. That's why I'm giving back to it. I stayed to help the kids in the area so that they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did.
Will: You sound like an after-school special, or something. But that ain't gonna do nothing for my rep. Let's go right now, and I ain't taking no for an answer.
Omar: You have no choice. Let's go.


Quote from Hilary

Vy: Oh, baby, it was so good having you. And here. Here's the Phillies schedule. Maybe you can come back when they make it to the World Series.
Will: I can't do it.
Hilary: No need to get melodramatic, Will. Just watch it on TV with the rest of us.

Quote from Carlton

Will: I'm talking about going back to Bel-Air. I ain't ready to leave yet, y'all. I'm still having fun.
Carlton: Fun? You've been ostracized since you got here.
Will: What you talking about? That Chicken Will thing? That ain't nothing. Guys be tripping like that all the time.
Carlton: You mean I was in a garbage can for nothing?
Philip: When were you in a garbage can?
Will: Look, I'm just saying, you know I didn't realize how much I miss just sitting out on the stoop.
Carlton: Look, when we get back, Dad will buy us a stoop. Come on, we're gonna miss the plane.

Quote from Will

Ashley: What time is Will's plane coming in?
Philip: Oh, I don't know. He was supposed to call with his flight arrangements, but once again he gets so wrapped up in his own life that he cannot take the time to be a little bit responsible. [phone rings] That must be him now. [answers phone] Hello?
Will: Hey, Uncle Phil.
Philip: Will, are you at the airport?
Will: No, I'm at home.
Philip: Well, what happened? You miss your flight?
Will: Sort of.
Philip: Well, when you coming back, then?
Will: I'm not.

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