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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Harder They Fall

421. The Harder They Fall

Aired March 14, 1994

Will wants to take his girlfriend Lisa (Cree Summer) to Palm Springs, but he must first win the approval of her father, Augustus (John Witherspoon).

Quote from Will

Carlton: Hey, Will, what's going on?
Will: Oh, Lisa's coming over. We're gonna watch a couple action-adventure flicks tonight. Maybe if I get lucky we'll have a little action adventure of our own. You know what I'm saying?
Carlton: So, what movies did you rent, Casanova?
Will: Oh, we got Terminator 2, Lethal Weapon 3 and, my personal favorite, Maniac Cop VII.
Carlton: Sounds like a romantic evening. What's Lisa going to do?
Will: Lookie here, lookie here, Spanky. Now, I'm the man. You see what I'm saying? I'm the Man-dingo. Lisa will watch what I tell her to watch and she will enjoy it. And that, as they say, is that. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's about to get X-rated in here. You know what I mean? [Carlton exits]
Lisa: Hey, baby.
Will: Hey! What's up girl?
Lisa: So, what movies did you get? Terms of Endearment, Fried Green Tomatoes and The Joy Luck Club. Shall I get us some hankies?


Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Well, while you're wallowing in your sordid filth of a life I'll be pursuing some culture. I bought tickets to The Jeffersons live on stage. It includes dinner with Sherman Hemsley and an autograph picture of both Lionels.
Will: Swell. That will go great with your Weezy collectible cups.

Quote from Hilary

Ranger: Don't worry, we've got the best in modern equipment. I'll send out a search party immediately.
Hilary: Look, a party sounds like a lot of fun, but can we please find Will first?

Quote from Geoffrey

Geoffrey: Oh, and sir, the limbo bar is set at three feet when you're ready.
Philip: Excellent. [exits]
Geoffrey: He couldn't make that lying flat on his back.

Quote from Will

Will: Okay, look, look. We just got to get down from here, man.
Augustus: Let me tell you what you gotta do, boy. You gotta get your "mominimum" and knock me out of this tree.
Will: Mominimum?
Augustus: Don't you understand English, boy? Mominimum. Now, knock me out of this damn tree.

Quote from Will

[After Philip enters the kitchen in a plain red shirt and shorts]
Will: Hey, Kool-Aid!
Philip: I got your Kool-Aid, all right?
Ashley: Daddy, you look so good. You are gonna be a hit at the Bahamas.
Philip: I can't wait to see your mother down there. I've been practicing my limbo.
Ashley: I don't know, Dad, that limbo bar gets as low as 13 inches.
Will: Wow, Carlton, you could just walk right under.

Quote from Will

Augustus: You see these pictures? That's my baby. There's nothing in the world I won't do for her.
Will: And I really respect that, sir. And if you don't mind me saying so, that is a lovely picture of your wife. I see where Lisa gets her good looks from.
Augustus: That's not my wife. That's my sister-in-law Cecilia. She's so ugly, she'd make an onion cry.
Will: Actually, I was being polite. She is a dog. [barks] Hey, hey, she's so ugly, she could make a freight train take a dirt road. It'd be like...
Augustus: You talking about my family, boy?
Will: Um... Well, no, I just figured you... You was so...

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Oh, this is a tragedy.
Ashley: Oh, Don't worry, Carlton. I'm sure everything's gonna be okay.
Carlton: Okay? I'm missing The Jeffersons live on stage. Right now I bet George is calling somebody a jive turkey.

Quote from Will

Ashley: What are you so happy about?
Will: Oh, I just made the weekend reservations at Palm Springs for me and Lisa.
Hilary: Lisa? You've been seeing a lot of her lately.
Will: Oh, yeah, and if it goes the way I plan I'll be seeing the rest of her this weekend, you know what I'm saying?
Carlton: Have you no shame?
Will: Yeah, I'm ashamed of you.

Quote from Philip

Carlton: Will's shacking up with some girl in Palm Springs. You're gonna get it now, mister.
Philip: Have fun.
Carlton: Wait. Is that all you're gonna say to him?
Philip: Am I paying for your little trip?
Carlton: Well, no.
Philip: Five up top.

Quote from Will

Will: Sorry I'm late but after I left church, I went down and read some books to the elderly.
Lisa: Don't overdo it, honey. Will, this is my Dad. Daddy, this is Will.
Augustus: Hello.
Will: Whoa. How you doing? Hear that deep voice? Like James Earl Jones. "This is CNN."

Quote from Will

Augustus: Now, let's talk about my daughter.
Will: Look, it's like I told you on the ground, man, you know I just like being with her.
Augustus: Wrong answer.
[Will screams as Augustus flips the plane over]
Augustus: You might as well admit it, boy, you're like a squirrel trying to get a nut. Let me ask you a question. How many times did you put those rusty, crusty lips on my daughter?
Will: With all due respect, sir, I think that's between me and Lisa.
Augustus: Wrong again.
[Will screams as August rocks the plane from side to side]
Will: Okay, you win. I'll just cancel our weekend in Palm Springs.
Augustus: Why the hell would I want to go to Palm Springs with you?
Will: Not you, Lisa.

Quote from Ashley

Philip: I'm Philip Banks. We got here soon as we could. Have you found my nephew yet?
Ranger: Good news. We found the plane. It's totaled.
All: What?
Philip: That's good news?
Ranger: Uh-huh. See, your nephew wasn't in it.
Ashley: Well, where is he?
Ranger: If I knew that, I'd be working for the Psychic Friends Network.
Lisa: Look, that is my boyfriend and my father out there.
Ranger: So you're gonna be twice as upset if they're dead, huh?
Ashley: Now, you listen here, Mr. Park-Ranger-Psychic-Friends-Network-freak. You get out there and find my cousin now!

Quote from Will

Will: Oh, I don't believe this. We wasted four hours traveling around this stupid mountain.
Augustus: Why don't you quit bellyaching and try to come up with some ideas of your own.
Will: Oh, well, maybe I'll just do that. Okay, okay, okay. All right, the sun sets in the west, right? Okay. All right. And moss only grows on the north side of the trees.
Augustus: Stop spouting all that witchcraft. All we got to do is just stay put. I'm sure they're out there looking for me.
Will: Not if they know you.

Quote from Will

Will: Well, you know, we had a little engine trouble and we went down. But it was the best thing could have happened to us. Yeah, we landed kind of in this wooded glade, you know near this bubbling brook. Kind of looked like the beer commercials. Except there wasn't no naked honeys. There wasn't no beer. Oh, but you know what? I don't know if it was the beauty of the area or just being outdoors, but we kind of bonded.
Lisa: But why didn't he come back with you?
Will: Look, I could not tear him away. I told him we could walk down this brook, take us back to civilization. But he said, "No, you go on without me I wanna stay here and be at one with nature." You can't be at one when you two. So I jetted.
Lisa: Really?
Will: You know what? I'm telling you, your father is a changed man. He said we should go to Palm Springs and enjoy ourselves.
Lisa: You mean he actually said that we could go?
Will: He insisted.

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