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Quote from Carlton in Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Part 1)

Will: No, actually, we're here to talk to you about Ashley Banks.
Carlton: We were hoping you would consider re-signing her.
Jewel Pemberton: And why would I do that?
Will: I'm telling you, Ashley is on her way to the top. I mean, she could be the next Naomi Campbell. Uh, speaking of which, Naomi wouldn't be around, would she?
Carlton: Look, you've gotta take her back. She's my sister and she's really, really mad at me.


 ‘Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Part 1)’ Quotes

Quote from Geoffrey

Philip: Geoffrey, would lay my clothes out for this evening and get some flowers and candy here ASAP.
Vivian: That man is on thin ice.
Geoffrey: I'll alert the fish.

Quote from Geoffrey

Will: Good morning, Ash.
Ashley: What's good about it?
Will: What's good about it? Who did they just make assistant head counter girl at Dippity Do Dog, huh?
Ashley: Oh, please. I hate my job. It's dirty, it's demeaning, and I have to work for a bunch of ingrates.
Geoffrey: You'll get used to it.

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: I'm gonna fade into the background if you don't get some highlighter on my cheekbones. Use number seven. And, blend, man, blend.