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Quote from Will in Burnin' Down the House

Will: Oh, Lord, help me, no!
Philip: Pardon me.
Will: Hey, look, Uncle Phil, no disrespect, man but you got to watch where you parking that thing. Man, you know, get some flashing lights or some horns or something. [imitates beeping] I'm gonna just go ahead and shut up now.
Philip: You've been sitting on this couch all morning. A little bored?
Will: Oh, no, man. I'm cool. What you reading?
Philip: A postcard from Carlton. He's doing something with his summer.
Will: [as Carlton] "Dear Big Guy. Thanks a lot for sending me to Young Republicans Camp. Yosemite's really neat. Hey, I'm rooming with Newt's nephew, Fig."
Philip: I wouldn't make fun of them. These kids are the future leaders of this country.


 ‘Burnin' Down the House’ Quotes

Quote from Carlton

Hippie: So what I'm saying is, there shouldn't be a rich or poor. We should all just share the wealth, man.
Carlton: Oh, I beg to differ.
[The VW camper van pulls over and Carlton is tossed out onto the sidewalk]

Quote from Will

Will: Ah. That was close. That was close. Oh, man. Oh, my God. I don't believe it. I almost burned the kitchen down. Oh, no! No! Auntie Em! Auntie Em!
Will: Mama, no!

Quote from Hilary

Philip: The whole family will be there. He's gonna make his decision about who is to preside over the Show-Biz Madam Trial.
Hilary: Ew. She's so scuzzy. I mean, it's bad enough that she gets hookers for married men, but blue eye shadow? Hello.