Jazz Quote #165

Quote from Jazz in Love in an Elevator

Carlton: Jazz is the best man? Then what the heck am I?
Jazz: Short.


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Quote from Geoffrey

Geoffrey: Hey, good evening, Master William. Absolutely bumping party.
Will: Oh, yeah, thanks a lot, Geoffrey.
Woman: Geoffrey? But you told me your name was Will.
Geoffrey: No, I said I was willing.

Quote from Will

Will: Man, didn't your mothers ever tell you, don't play with buttons? [screams] Hello.
Jazz: They can't hear you, bro. The music's too loud. Can I throw a party or what?
Will: I don't believe this. There's a python and some triplets in there and I'm stuck in here with Ren and Stumpy.

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Quote from Def Poet's Society

Jazz: Man, I'm starving. When do we eat here?
Philip: We eat here later. You eat here never.
Jazz: Looks like you eat here often.
[Uncle Phil throws Jazz out of the house]

Quote from It Had to Be You

Philip: Well, Jazz, I'm going to go into the kitchen for a snack. When I come back, I want you gone.
Jazz: Guess I got plenty of time then.