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Quote from Philip in Father Knows Best

Philip: What the hell are you talking about?
Ashley: Daddy, I withdrew from Bel-Air Academy six weeks ago and transferred to Morris High. [Will ducks behind a couch]
Vivian: You what?
Philip: I'm not mad.
Will: You're not? And you thought he was gonna be mad.
Philip: Well, you transferred out, you'll transfer back. Tomorrow, when I wake up, Ashley will be back in Bel-Air Academy and maybe Will won't even be here.
Ashley: Daddy, I'm not going back. [Will ducks again]
Philip: Now I'm mad.


 ‘Father Knows Best’ Quotes

Quote from Will

Miss Sharpe: Well, will Mrs. Banks be joining us?
Will: Uh, no, I'm single. I mean, um, Ashley's mother ran out on us. Ashley was but a mere tyke at the time. I had to be both Mommy and Daddy. We went from training wheels to training bras. They both came off too soon, didn't they, kitten?

Quote from Will

Ashley: Okay. Mom, Dad, it's like this. Will has something he wants to tell you.
Will: I ain't got nothing. Um... Your Honor, uh... Now, before you deliver your verdict, the defense dictates that you sustain the motion of the ocean. Because most parents want the truth, but they can't handle the truth. So in conclusion, I move for a change of venue. What you say you give us a half-hour head start.

Quote from Philip

Vivian: Philip, I'm sure the mayor's mother meant it as a compliment.
Philip: Oh, really? Then I should be honored that she thinks I look like a Black Alfred Hitchcock. Hi kids.
Will: [as Hitchcock] Good evening.