Hilary Quote #331

Quote from Hilary in The Client

Hilary: I'm going, but I'm not staying long. I'm conferencing with my producers about my talk-show persona.
Am I antagonizing like Geraldo? Am I investigative like Donahue?
Will: Maybe you should go bald like Montel.


 ‘The Client’ Quotes

Quote from Jazz

Will: Hey, man, it's good to see you, man.
Jazz: By the way, who's playing the mother this year?
Nicky: It's the same mom.
Jazz: Who are you?
Will: Oh, come on, Jazz, that's baby Nicky.
Jazz: Man, I'm going back on the street where things make sense.

Quote from Geoffrey

Geoffrey: Mr. Jazz is here to see you. If you need me, I'll be hiding the silver.

Quote from Geoffrey

Philip: No daughter of mine is getting into the music business, period. I've seen it ruin too many young lives.
Ashley: But, Daddy-
Philip: I don't want any buts.
Geoffrey: Well, you're certainly losing that battle.