Jazz Quote #140

Quote from Jazz in Mother's Day

Jazz: Here you are, my brother, I brought you a card.
Will: Hey, thanks, Jazz. "Heard you had a stroke"?
Jazz: It was the closest we could find. You know, for some reason, Hallmark has overlooked this occasion.


 ‘Mother's Day’ Quotes

Quote from Will

Will: Uncle Phil, I got my Mom something she gonna love. She always wanted to get my baby shoes bronzed, but she never got around to it. So I hooked her up.
Ashley: Those are your baby shoes?
Will: Well, yeah. I had big feet. You know what they say about a guy with big feet.
Ashley: No, what?
Will: They- They be saying, "Damn, you got some big feet."

Quote from Jazz

Will: Come on, having a baby is a big responsibility.
Jazz: We're ready for it. Why, I even started saving for little Junior's college fund. [shakes pants pocket]
Will: Listen, I don't think I can do this.
Jazz: Sure you can. Will. Remember that time we went to go play ball and your shoelace broke and I gave you mine? Same thing.
Will: Jazz, man. Don't you have some relatives or something? Why me?
Jazz: I mean, you got a good heart. And you got a lot of smarts and you're tall, and you got good teeth.
Jewel: Of course, we'll be praying he gets my ears.

Quote from Jazz

Jazz: Well, the little darling's fast asleep.
Will: Are you sure you didn't kill her?
Jazz: I realize what a inconvenience we've been. But since you ain't getting us no wedding present, this is the least you could do.
Will: What are you talking about, man? I gave you a wedding.
Jazz: [scoffs] Take that to the bank. Look, Will, making a baby is a truly blessed event.
Will: I think you mean "having a baby," Jazz.
Jazz: Trust me on this.