Geoffrey Quote #203

Quote from Geoffrey in Hex and the Single Guy

Geoffrey: Can I help you?
INS Agent: Are you Geoffrey Butler?
Geoffrey: Yes, I am. And you must be the woman of my dreams. [she handcuffs Geoffrey] You are! Ooh.


 ‘Hex and the Single Guy’ Quotes

Quote from Will

Will: Oh, boy, I love this. Halloween, the only night a Black man can walk around in this neighborhood with a mask on and not get arrested.

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Oh, what a night. I made a killing. Twenty-six Milky Ways. And the Democrats say there's a recession.
Philip: What are you supposed to be?
Carlton: My idol, Macaulay Culkin. You know why he's my idol?
Will: Why? Because y'all the same height?
Carlton: No, because his movies have grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide. Not to mention, he's one heck of an actor.

Quote from Geoffrey

Ashley: The whole thing gave me the creeps, Geoffrey. Do you really think a person can be cursed?
Geoffrey: How do you think I ended up here?