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Quote from Hilary in Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 2)

Vivian: Look, there he goes.
Trevor: [on TV] Hilary Banks...
Hilary: Yes, Trevor?
Trevor: [on TV] Will you marry me? [thud]
[As the TV picture turns to static, the family are stunned into silence]
Will: I ain't no bungee expert or nothing... But I don't think he's supposed to be slamming into the ground like that.
[A title card appears on the TV]
Hilary: "Please stand by"? Great. The president's about to interrupt my marriage proposal.


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Quote from Lucky Charm

Hilary: Well, here goes. Don't you all feel like a part of history? [opens paycheck] What? Federal taxes? This is an outrage. Didn't President Bush say, "No new taxes"?
Geoffrey: But federal taxes aren't new.
Hilary: Well, they are to me. And who is this FICA guy?
Vivian: Hilary, baby, taxes are taken out of everybody's salary. They pay for highways, national defense, and housing programs.
Hilary: I thought the government was supposed to pay for all that.

Quote from Sleepless in Bel-Air

Hilary: The coffee commercial went great. First, I take a big sip of coffee, then I say: Hi, I'm Hilary Banks, TV weather girl. When I don't have my head in the clouds I like to relax with a nice hot cup of Casual Cup coffee. So rich and fine, tastes just like you ground the beans yourself. Well, the first take, I said, " Tastes just like you found the beans yourself." We did it again, I said, "When I don't have my head in the crowds." So I did it again, and-
Will: Hilary. Hilary, how many takes did you do?
Hilary: Only 41. You think that would tire me out, but I'm more awake now than when I started.
Will: Stupid question, did you forget to spit after each take?
Hilary: Why would I want to spit it out? I'm nuts about coffee. Although, it's not made from nuts, it's from beans, so I guess I'm beans about coffee.
Will: Oh, gee, I'd love to stay and continue this fascinating monologue, but I have to get some studying done.
Hilary: You know, I've always wondered, if coffee's made from beans does that make it a vegetable?
Will: Why are you following me? Listen, don't you have to go to work in the morning? Shouldn't you go get some sleep?
Hilary: Oh, I'd love to go to sleep, but I can't. I'm wide awake. See? Wee!
Will: Why don't you try doing something boring like reading the dictionary? Do you have one?
Hilary: Of course, I do. What do you think is propping up my makeup table?

Quote from Same Game, Next Season

Ashley: Maybe Daddy's password is some kind of food.
Carlton: Look, I tried every dish in Geoffrey's cookbook, nothing works.
Hilary: Unbelievable. What kind of idiot picks a password no one can guess?
Carlton: See, it's that kind of question that knocks you out of the running... for Dad's favorite. Just keep a lookout.

‘Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 2)’ Quotes

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: I still can't understand.
Vivian: Sweetheart, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
Hilary: No, I mean technically. Am I a widow or what? This is all my fault. If I hadn't asked for a special proposal, Trevor would be in my arms instead of in my purse. I love you, Trevor.
Will: Um, Hilary, Trevor wasn't cremated.
Hilary: Ew, then who's this?
Geoffrey: I'll see him to the door, Miss Hilary.

Quote from Will

Will: "Roommate wanted. Minutes from school. Must love ice hockey, country-and-western music and Tom Cruise movies." This is worse than Jazz's.

Quote from Hilary

Vivian: Sweetheart, now is the time when you should make use of Reverend Boyd.
Hilary: Is he single?
Vivian: I mean you should be spiritual. After all, Trevor's in heaven now.
Carlton: Right. He's up there with my little dog Scruffy.
Will: Yeah, and the bus he rode in under.
Carlton: Must everything be a joke to you? My sister's in a fragile condition. I'm trying to help her bounce back.
Hilary: Bounce. Trevor bounced.