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Quote from Hilary in Ain't No Business Like Show Business

Hilary: Good morning, Daddy.
Philip: Oh, Morning, sweetheart. Look, I was thinking, you know, this week, maybe we could get in a game of tennis at the club and maybe do lunch?
Hilary: You and me?
Philip: Yeah.
Hilary: Good one, Daddy.


 ‘Ain't No Business Like Show Business’ Quotes

Quote from Philip

Will: Uncle Phil, I don't think "comedian" is a bad word.
Philip: It is in this house. I just spent thousands of dollars sending you to a topnotch prep school. Maybe I should have just sent you to Camp Funnypants.
Will: Look, I bet Sinbad's parents supported him when he wanted to be a comedian.
Philip: They named him Sinbad! He had two options: Pirate or comic.

Quote from Carlton

Will: Well, I guess I'm up next, guys.
Carlton: Will, I took the liberty of writing out a few humorous barbs that you might find useful. Listen and laugh. Did you hear what the snail said when he rode on the back of the turtle?
Will: No, Carlton, what?
Carlton: Whee! Now, you should use that one for your big finish. No, maybe you should try this one. Why did the turkey cross the road?
Hilary: I know I'm going to regret this, but why?
Carlton: Chicken's day off. [laughs] Eat your heart out, Rodney Dangerfield. Hey, I'm giving you gold here.
Will: See, Carlton, this is why people trip you in the halls.

Quote from Will

Keith: Man, I don't care about this game. I'm going up to my room, get ready for my big act tomorrow.
Will: All you got to do is stand up there and tell a couple jokes.
Keith: Telling jokes? See, that's what your drunk Uncle Lou do at weddings. Me, I'm a professional.
Will: Whoa, whoa, hold up, hold up. First of all, Uncle Lou is not a drunk, okay? He has an inner ear problem. That's why he always be sliding out of his chair. And, second of all, anybody can get up on a stage and tell a couple jokes.
Keith: Why you go and say something silly like that? There's a craft to this, man. I take this real seriously.
Will: Oh, please. Look, I been funny all my life.
Keith: All your life you just been funny-Iooking. I mean, look at them big old ears. Lean over that way and tell me what's going on in Somalia.
Will: Well, if I couldn't find my way to Somalia, I could follow that big map on your head.
Keith: Look at them big teeth, all big and spaced out. What you floss with, a jump rope?